Empowering your Child with Self-Confidence

Empowering your Child with Self-Confidence

A very important goal for parents is to help children gain self-confidence and self-worth, this not only helps children develop mentally and emotionally, but also adds the extra bonus of helping with life skills and building self-esteem.

At every age children are trying to gain their own independence, it is important for parents and guardians to encourage the opportunities to greater independence by allowing them to venture out of their usual environments and take part in activities that may be challenging.

Praise and compliments can make a big difference to a child’s self-esteem. It builds importance and the desire to be more and do better. At VIP TRIPSforKIDS our nannies are experts in this area and will find ways to give praise to your child throughout the day, even for the smallest of accomplishments as we understand that each child develops at different stages and any step forward taken should be rewarded.

Adventure education can provide opportunities to show different skills, such as leadership or teamwork. Learning a new skill, such as bowling or Ice-skating, builds independence and confidence. It enables young people to test themselves in various ways and develop new abilities and capacities. Moreover, they become more resilient and optimistic as their emotional health and self-esteem improve.

Group activities, which include adventurous expeditions can develop social skills and give self-confidence; these may include activities that teach children how to deal with an element of risk

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‘The greatest effects of adventure programs in the self-concept domain were for independence, confidence, self-efficacy, and self-understanding’ 

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